Open the door to great music

Have you considered hosting a concert in your home? Invite your friends to experience gorgeous music with you!

bring us home

A Gallery Players house concert is the perfect way to enjoy amazing music played in an intimate and relaxing setting. A great deal of classical chamber music was written for private domestic settings. It's thrilling for performers and audiences alike to be so close; and what a delightful opportunity to get to know one and other a little better. Consider making an intimate Gallery Players house concert the central attraction of a special occasion like a birthday, an anniversary or a family gathering.

Good to know:

  • Any space big enough to hold 15—20 people could be appropriate for a concert, depending on the number of guests attending;
  • At these events, the music is not background. The instruments are not amplified and the music demands full attention both from performers and audience;
  • Fees are negotiable and will depend upon the type of music you'd be interested in having, the number of performers needed, and the length of the event;
  • Options include soloists, duos, trios or ensembles of up to 6-10 musicians.

If hosting a concert appeals to you, please call us at 905.468.1525.